Protect Your Child’s Eyes from Home Hazards

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Cold temperatures often mean that your children are spending more time playing indoors. Given the freezing weather outside, now is the time to be especially vigilant about eye safety in the home. Begin keeping your child safe from eye injuries—as well as many other injuries—by avoiding falls on the stairs. Make sure all stairwells are well-lit and have proper handrails. If you have young children, safety gates at both the top and bottom of the stairs are a must.

Furniture also needs to be well-protected and safe for young ones. Toddlers are particularly susceptible to eye injuries caused by sharp edges on furniture. Make sure all sharp corners are padded and protected, and don’t forget the sharp corners of kitchen counters while you’re at it!

Another cause of eye injuries is exposure to hazardous chemicals. Securely store personal care items and cosmetics where little hands can’t get into them. Child safety cabinet latches should deter curious kids, and the same goes for paints, pesticides and fertilizers. Make sure these items are all safely locked away in a basement or garage storage unit.

Once you know you’ve child-proofed your home, you can really enjoy time with your kids without worrying.

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