Protect Against Fall Sports Injuries

Kids and parents alike love the start of fall sporting events. Children get to have the fun, while parents can rest assure knowing their kids are staying fit and healthy. However, getting an injury is no fun for anyone.

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Source: Real Kids / Facebook

So, before the season officially kicks off, make sure you share these sporting tips with your kids so they can stay safe and healthy this fall.

Warm up. Your kids should spend around 15 minutes before practice warming up their muscles. For instance, Kids Health suggests starting with a slow jog followed by some gentle stretches.

Understand the game. It’s essential to know the rules of the sport you’re playing. That way, you’ll know what to expect from other players. This will also help your kids and others avoid injuries.

Keep an eye out for others. Even if there’s no rule in place that says you must protect other players, always remind your kids to take precaution, be courteous and listen to their coach. If their teammates do the same, there will be fewer injuries all around.

Rest if you become injured. If you’re kids end up suffering from an injury, they must take a break from playing the sport until they’re completely healed. Playing while injured will only exacerbate the problem. It could even lead to a more serious injury that limits your child’s ability to play in the future. Ask your kid’s coach or doctor for advice about when they can restart.

Wear protective gear. Whether or not they’re required by the rules of the sport, your child should wear the appropriate gear to protect their body, such as helmets, pads, mouth guards and eyewear. Choose a helmet designed for the sport and ensure you fasten it with its strap.

Remember, prescription glasses and standard sunglasses are often inadequate as lenses or frames may shatter and injure your child’s eye. Choose scratch-resistant polycarbonate lenses for maximum resistance, along with 100 percent UV protection when playing outdoor sports. Both helmets and eyewear should fit comfortably. It’s dangerous to leave room for growth when it comes to sports equipment.

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