Proper Safety Eyewear is Crucial for Kids Playing Football

Like all other contact sports, football poses a great risk to the eyes, meaning it is essential that kids wear proper protection to avoid injuries, such as corneal abrasions, blunt trauma, penetrating injuries, and UV radiation damage. To ensure you choose the right sports eye glasses for your kids, follow this advice from Eye Kit.

Source: Shutterstock

Source: Shutterstock


Frames made from a cheap plastic can break on impact. Choose a strong plastic, preferably polycarbonate, as it is also lightweight. A wraparound design provides the best protection and enhances peripheral vision. Be sure to find a pair that fits your child, not only for comfort but also to cover eyes completely, keeping them safe from impact, UV radiation, wind, and debris.


Look out for eyewear with padding at the temple and bridge. If your child is struck on the face, this will lower the impact and increase the chance that the frames stay in place. Non-slip rubber grips are the best option.

Retaining Band

A retaining band around the back of the frames is also useful for keeping eyewear secure.

Lens Material

You should also look for polycarbonate in lenses, as it is one of the only materials that will not shatter upon impact and endanger the eyes.

UV Protection

Eyewear for an outdoor sport like football must block 100 percent of UV rays.


The tint in sports eyewear affects color contrast. Think about when your child is most often playing to choose the most appropriate tint. Brown is a good choice for play during the daytime, as it will enable your child to better perceive the football against the field and sky; if your child practices more at night, opt for a yellow tint that will reduce the glare from artificial light.

Frame Venting

You can also improve visual acuity by choosing eyewear that features a system for venting air to avoid lenses becoming foggy.

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