Product Spotlight: Xtreme Convertible

Is your child involved in various outdoor activities which cause them to switch back and forth between sports sunglasses and a regular pair? Is it tough for your child to keep up with both pair and have them at the right events? If so you should consider the Xtreme Convertible from Real Kids Shades. As a part of the Gear Collection the Xtreme Convertible quickly and easily convert from traditional temple shades to sports bands sunglasses and back in mere seconds. They are the perfect option for a child who is constantly involved in a little bit of everything.

The benefits of the Xtreme Convertible sunglasses include:

  • Quick-lock tabs convert from temples to bands and back in seconds.
  • Sports shades when you need them, temple shades when you want to relax.
  • Able to accommodate prescription lenses.
  • Xylex® frames and Revo lenses
  • Bangin’ colors:  black, red, silver, white

If the Xtreme Convertible sunglasses are just what your child needs order a pair today from the Real Kids Shades website.