Preventing Children’s Eye Injuries While on the Road

Did you know that many children’s eye injuries happen while riding in a vehicle? You can easily prevent your children from sustaining any eye injuries while on the road. Courtesy of Prevent Blindness America, check out these excellent tips on how to protect your children from receiving eye injuries while in the car.

  • When in the car, your children should be secured in their child safety seats and baby carriers properly. The seat and shoulder belts of your children’s seats should fit correctly and snugly; this will ensure your children’s safety while on the road.
  • Kids who are age 12 and younger should never be allowed to ride in the front passenger seat of a car. Do not allow your young children to sit up front with you when going for a car ride, even if it’s just for a short distance.
  • Loose items inside your car should be stored in the trunk or securely fastened to the floor of the car. This will help prevent your children from being hurt by any loose objects in the car, in the event of a car accident. During a car crash, any object can be hazardous or cause an injury.

Image courtesy of simonglucas via Flickr