Prevent Eye Damage During Spring Sports Season

Spring is officially upon us, and that means kids all over the country are returning to baseball diamonds, soccer fields and tennis courts for another season of outdoor sp
orts. We might typically associate these types of activities with injuries like sprained ankles and bruised elbows, but it’s important to make sure our kids take care of their eyes while they’re out playing sports as well. If left unchecked, prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can even lead to photokeratitis, a painful eye condition that can cause temporary vision impairment.

That’s why we offer sunglass frames designed specifically for active kids who love to play outside.

Our Adventure frames come in a variety of fun colors and feature an adjustable band to keep them in place when running, jumping and more. If you’re looking for something lightweight and discreet, consider the Blaze half-frame shades instead. These are particularly popular among baseball players and golfers. For a similar full-frame style, we offer the Storm active sunglasses as well.

All of these frames are also available with our P2 polarized, shatterproof polycarbonate lenses.

Polarized lenses not only provide added production against sun damage, they can also give your kids a competitive edge by enhancing contrast, reducing glare and making it easier to spot fast-moving objects. Plus, their shatterproof, scratch-resistant design is ideal for active lifestyles.

Want to learn more about these or any of the other sunglass styles we offer at Real Kids Shades? You can browse our entire selection online, or give us a call today out our toll-free number for more information.