President Obama Proclaims “Save Your Vision Week”

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Think wearing sunglasses and getting routine eye exams is not important? Eye health and safety is such an important topic the President of the United States Barack Obama made a proclamation that March 6, 2011- March 12, 2011 and every first week of March would be recognized as “Save Your Vision Week.” The purpose of Save Your Vision Week is to reinforce the importance of routine eye care and remind all Americans to take action to safeguard their eyesight.

Millions of men, women and children throughout the country suffer from permanent eye damage, and/or low that could have been warded off by preventative care.  Simple habits such as wearing ultraviolet protective eyewear when outdoors or eating a healthy diet can prolong eye health and help sustain a healthy lifestyle.

Start saving your child’s vision today by ordering a pair of Real Kids Shades, making their eye healthy and safety a topic of importance from an early age.