Popular Snow Sports for Kids

Two Children Skiing In Snowy Mountains

Kids love winter sports. Unlike some adults, they aren’t scared to brave the cold weather and enjoy the outdoors during winter. Whether you are heading out for a family winter vacation or staying in town, make your kids have fun with these popular winter sports!


As winters approach, cross-country and downhill skiing become a favorite family outdoor activity. There are some kids who begin to ski at a very young age (2-3 years). However, the ideal age for this winter sport is about 5 years. At this age, children are better coordinated and not so fearful about falling. Even though young children can manage bunny slopes and circle trails, it is best for adults to ski with them. Most ski resorts offer lessons from seasoned skiers to help you get on your feet. 


Similar to skiing, kids can begin snowboarding at a fairly young age. There are some kids who start even before the age of 5. However, this winter sport is highly popular among teens since they possess the skills and strength to remain upright. They can also try out more tricks as compared to the little kids. It is recommended that children take lessons and invest in safety gear such as knee pads, helmets, goggles, hip pads and wrist protectors to avoid injury.

Ice skating & Hockey

Yet another popular winter sport among kids is ice skating. This one is a slippery sport and can be challenging for newcomers. However, the sport almost becomes addictive once you learn a few tricks doing it. The majority of kids adorn hockey skates or figure skates when they begin ice skating. Once they get comfortable with basic ice skating, they could also try figure skating, ice hockey or ice dancing. Again, it is important for kids to wear safety gear like helmet and knee pads while playing this winter sport.