Playground Safety: Give Children the Knowledge & Tools to Play Safely at Recess

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When it is time for the kids to go back to school, one of the biggest concerns for parents is their children’s safety when they are not around to supervise. You can ensure your kids stay safe and never endanger others by teaching them these useful tips for recess from KidsHealth.

Source: Shutterstock
Source: Shutterstock
  • Treat other kids with kindness when playing on all types of equipment. Remind them not to push or shove.
  • Keep to one child at a time on slides, swings, and seesaw seats.
  • Descend slides in the proper position: sitting down and heading feet first. Always check that there is no one at the bottom before sliding, and never try to climb up slides.
  • Sit on swings; never stand or kneel.
  • On the seesaw, hold the handrails at all times and use only your feet to push yourself off the ground. Sit only on the seats.
  • Keep at a safe distance from other kids using swings.
  • Look before you leap to check that no other kids are close to the spot where you are going to land.
  • Climb only areas designated for climbing and within guardrails.
  • Stay off equipment when wet. Even if it is no longer raining, equipment may be slippery and dangerous.
  • Be cautious about touching metal on hot days — surfaces can quickly heat up in the sun and may burn your skin. Avoid playing on metal slides and equipment with metal handrails or steps when temperatures are high.
  • Remember to wear clothes free from drawstrings or cords, which could get caught on equipment and cause you injury.
  • Use sunscreen even on overcast days to protect your skin from sunburn.

Eye safety is another issue at recess. Remind your kids to always put on their sunglasses before they head outdoors, including at school. Shades with 100 percent UV protection and polycarbonate lenses will protect their eyes both from sun damage and potential injuries. Check out our range of sunglasses for tweens to find a stylish pair that your child will love to wear.

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