Pitcher’s Loss of Vision Brings New Perspective to Sports

Our vision is one of the most valuable senses that we have. Fortunately, many of us will never have to deal with the problems that come along with a loss of vision, and we’ll never have to know just how challenging life is without our sight. But a lot can be learned from someone who does live without vision because their unique perspective can often change the way we value and think about our vision. A perfect example is the lesson that can be learned from a young baseball player from Plymouth.

Protective Eyewear for Kids

Protective eyewear is an essential part of sports safety!

Ryan Steen was pitching at a tournament this past June when he was hit in the eye by a line drive. The injury left the 13-year-old permanently blind in his left eye. Though the situation sounds quite devastating, there is much that can be learned from his experience. As Ryan told news reporters, anything can happen… even to good people!

And not only should we remember that bad things can happen to good people, but we should also be reminded of the importance of using protective eyewear during sports. Safety glasses have come a long way over the years and something as simple as glasses could have prevented a traumatic injury such as this one. Sports glasses are built to be sturdy but comfortable, made with shatterproof lenses and provide a barrier to shield the eyes.

The perspective that Ryan gained as a result of a life-changing injury is one that many don’t learn until years beyond his age. But you can help your children learn these lessons early by teaching them about protective eyewear.

For more information about the potentially life saving benefits of using protective eyewear, visit Prevent Blindness America online and check out our sports sunglasses options here at Real Kids Shades!