Pass on the Novelty Easter Sunglasses

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Real Kids Shades

A pair of sunglasses is a fun addition to any Easter basket. The timing is right for sunglasses since warm weather and the season for outdoor sports and activities are finally here. Don’t be tempted by cheap novelty sunglasses you can find at the party store, dollar store or toy shop! While sunglasses shaped like carrots or Easter eggs can be cute, you may actually be harming your child’s eyes if they wear them.

Inexpensive sunglasses that do not provide proper UV protection will do more harm than good to your child’s eyes. A cheap sunglass lens will darken the eye area and result in dilated pupils. The dilated pupil absorbs more harmful radiation than a non-dilated pupil, so cheap kids’ sunglasses damage sensitive eyes more than going without sunglasses.

Real Kids Shades meet the highest of safety standards for children’s sunglasses. They provide 100% UVA/UVB protection, and they are shatterproof and impact-resistant. They also are super stylish, so your kids will love them!


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