Best Vitamins to Support Healthy Eyes

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We have all heard that carrots are one of the best vegetables for promoting healthy eyes, and chances are good that you include them in your children’s regular diet. What you may not be aware of is that there are several vitamins and nutrients that contribute to eye health as well. While these vitamins may notRead more…

My Child Scratched His Eye…What Should I Do?

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A scratched eye, known as a corneal abrasion, is an injury commonly experienced by children. What causes a scratched eye? Often times, the cause of a scratched eye is simply accidental, ranging from babies exploring their face with their hands, a foreign object entering the eye, another small child accidentally poking the eye, or playingRead more…

Study Identifies Alarming Increase in Childhood Eye Injuries

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“You’ll shoot your eye out, kid.” This famous line from everyone’s favorite cranky mall Santa might have been the punchline to a joke, but childhood eye injuries are no laughing matter. Every year, children wind up in the emergency room with preventable injuries that can cause permanent damage to their vision. In fact, according toRead more…

How to Keep Your Eyes Hydrated This Winter

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Have you been suffering from dry, itchy eyes this winter? This is a fairly common condition this time of year, and over-the-counter eye drops can only help so much. The good news is, you don’t have to live with dry eyes all winter long. There are a few simple steps you can take to keepRead more…

Can Reading in Low Light Really Harm Your Child’s Eyes?

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In this blog, we tend to focus on the detrimental effects that sunlight can have on our eyes.  When our eyes are exposed to the UV radiation in sunlight for prolonged periods of time, it can cause permanent damage and vision impairment. Fortunately, you can protect your eyes from sun damage with a simple pairRead more…