Our Xtreme Sunglasses – Just Right for Extreme Sports

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It’s time to put the skis away and enjoy some fun warm-weather sports. If your family loves the outdoors, chances are that kayaking, mountain climbing and sailing are on the agenda. So get out the sunblock, bug spray and sunglasses, and have some fun!

Our Xtreme Sunglasses for children are just what you need for your outdoor adventures. The sunglasses provide serious sun protection and are made to stay on the most active kids. The patented mesh-lined band is constructed to be comfortable while securely fastened on your child’s head. We challenge your child to make these sunglasses fall off!

The 100% UVA/UVB sunglasses have a smart wrap-around style that blocks peripheral light. Plus, your kids will love them because they look super cool!



Real Kids Shades Xtreme sports sunglasses are available in two sizes: ages 3-7 and ages 7-12.

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