Our Secret for Keeping Organized During the Spring Sports Season

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If you have active kids it can be a struggle to keep track of their busy schedules! We all know how the spring time can be a real juggling act with all the spring sports and activities. Add multiple kids into the mix and after school activities require the planning of a small military operation. A little planning can go a long way to keeping everyone calm and actually enjoying everything. No child wants to arrive at soccer practice frazzled and having forgotten their shin guards or soccer ball!

We recommend a simple way to keep your kids organized. Just have an activity specific bag for each sport or lesson. You can get inexpensive bags just about anywhere these days. Purchase a different colored bag for each activity and then load them up with the essentials.  Have your child be in charge of the bag and fill them with a water bottle, on the go snack, and the necessary sport or activity gear.

Don’t forget to include sun block and sunglasses in each bag.  The sun is strong this time of year even in the late afternoon. If you have sun protection in each activity bag your child will always be protected. Real Kids Shades come in a wide range of styles and colors and are reasonably priced so you can afford to buy several pairs.  Teach your children the importance of sun protection at an early age and it will be second nature to apply sun block and wear 100% UV shades whenever they go outside.


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