Olympic Athletes Know the Importance of Eye Protection

The team at Real Kids Shades seems to be getting more and more tired as the 2012 Olympics go on.  We can’t turn off the television before 12 – can you? Despite being tired and cranky in the mornings we are loving watching the Olympics! We can’t help but notice that protective eye-wear and sunglasses are an important part of the Olympic athlete’s gear.

Swim goggles have become standard swimming gear, and every swimmer wears them. Goggles protect swimmers’ eyes from the exposure to chlorine and allows the athletes to see under water.

swimming with goggles

Photo via New York Daily News


French Olympian and NBA star Tony Parker has been sporting protective sport sunglasses on the basketball court. He is protecting his eyes after an eye injury, but many athletes are wearing these goggles as a preventive measure as well.

tony parker wearing protective eyewear

Photo via the Other Paper


Beach Volleyball player Misty May Traenor wears protective eye-wear on the court. These glasses protect her eyes from damage from the sand and possible corneal abrasions. When the sun is out she usually wears sunglasses.



For many Olympians sunglasses are an important part of their gear. Rowers, sailors, runners, bicyclists … they all are wearing sunglasses.

great britian rowing team with sunglasses

London Telegraph


Share these photos with your children so they can see how important eye protection is, even for Olympic athletes.  We bet they will be anxious to put on their children’s sunglasses afterwards!