New Poll: Favorite Back-to-School Item

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back to school suppliesToday makes it official, there are exactly 2 weeks left until we say goodbye to summer vacation and hello to the 2010-2011 school year. Getting new back-to-school items is always a fun time for kids and parents. And since it is such an exciting time we want to kick things off with a back-to-school poll! So parents grab your kids and ask them this, “What is your favorite back-to-school item?” Do they prefer the look of new school clothes, do they crave crayons and cool lead pencils for their pencil box, or do they have their heart set on that cartoon character bookbag with4 zipper compartments, iPod and water bottle storage? Whichever it is we want to know. Vote here or head over to the right side of the blog and choose your child’s favorite. Hurry because the poll will only be up for a few weeks![poll id=”2″]

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