New from Real Kids: Unbreakable Explorer Shades for Babies, Tots and Kids

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Babies, toddlers and young kids can really put toys and clothes to the test! Durability is a must, especially when it comes to the sunglasses you rely on to protect your children’s eyes from the sun’s powerful UV rays. That’s why Real Kids recently introduced our new and improved sunglasses designed to withstand every stage of childhood! With durability and UV protection in mind, we developed our new unbreakable sunglasses, the Explorer shades, available in a range of sizes and colors for Babies (0+), Toddlers (2+) and Kids (4+).


At Real Kids, we understand that baby sunglasses must be comfortable or kids will refuse to wear them; for this reason our Explorer shades fit snugly and safely on your little ones’ faces while providing them with the ultimate sun protection.


Here are some of the features that make our Explorer sunglasses stand out from the sunglasses you’ll find in the dollar bins at your local retail stores:

  • The Explorer style is available in three ages and stages: Baby (0+), Toddler (2+), and Kid (4+).
  • They feature a removable, adjustable strap.
  • The wrap-around frame design minimizes exposure to peripheral light.
  • With 100 percent UVA and UVB protection, you can rest assured your babies, tots and kids have the best “sunscreen” for their eyes.
  • We use shatterproof polycarbonate for lenses that are impact resistant.
  • They are available in the color combinations of aqua/pink, black/red, cherry pink/lime, navy/orange, pink/hot pink, and royal/green.
sunglasses with UV protection for babies
Explorer Baby Shades (0+)

Additionally, all Explorer sunglasses are Flex-Fit™ shades, meaning they are made with a TPEE polymer, a rubber-like substance that is able to bend and twist. This means no matter how much your child distorts the shades, they will always pop right back into shape.

sunglasses for kids ages 2 and up
Explorer Sunglasses for Toddlers (2+)

Our Explorer sunglasses for Toddlers and Kids are also available with or without P2 Lens Technology.  Shades featuring P2 Lens Technology are injection molded with a combination of superior lens materials to create the strongest anti-glare possible and provide top quality eye protection. The polycarbonate material makes the lens shatterproof, scratch resistant, and impact resistant while lenses with polarization reduces glare by up to 99 percent and provides a superior optical comfort… perfect for kids who love exploring and adventure!

durable sunglasses for kids
Explorer Shades for Kids (4+)

Check out our website to learn more about all of our great new styles of shades for Babies, Toddlers, Kids, Youth and Tweens! You can purchase a pair of Explorer sunglasses or any other style of Real Kids sun essentials on our website or use our store locator tool to find a retail location near you.

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