My First Shades

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My First Shades in pink

When our company was founded, we produced only one style of sunglasses: My First Shades. These wonderful glasses for infants and toddlers are the foundation of our company. After all, our mission is to have all children wearing REAL sunglasses. If you start your child off wearing sunglasses as a baby, you will help them maintain eye health throughout their entire life.

Parents simply love My First Shades. These infant sunglasses have everything you’re looking for in protective eyewear for your child:

  • Adjustable neoprene bands that are soft and comfortable. Neoprene bands also float so you won’t lose the glasses if they fall in the water.
  • Shatterproof, impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses.
  • Hard-wearing frames that resist breaking.
  • Wrap style that protects eyes from peripheral light.
  • A variety of lively colors so they’re fun to wear.
  • 100% UV protection.




These infant sunglasses are as cute as they are practical. Choose from 16 different options—here are just a few:

Animal Jam Blue




Green Strawberry


We now sell an infant sunhat combo that bundles a pair of My First Shades with a cute sunhat. The hat is designed with serious sun protection in mind—just like our sunglasses. We are offering a 20% discount on the Real Kids Shades Sunhat Combo Pack through our Facebook fan page. Visit the page and click on the coupon button to secure your coupon code.

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