Most Common Causes of Eye Injuries to Children

Everyday objects, like pens and pencils, can cause serious eye injuries to children.

According to Prevent Blindness America, thousands of kids (age 5 and under) have eye accidents in the car, at home, or while playing. Eye accidents are hazardous to these children’s eye health, as these injuries can possibly damage their eye sight and potentially cause blindness.

So that you, as a parent, can work to prevent these eye injuries from happening to your child, we’ve listed the most common causes of kids’ eye injuries, courtesy of Prevent Blindness America. Check out these causes listed below.

  • Using toys incorrectly.
  • Falls while playing with toys, off of beds, on stairs, and against furniture.
  • Contact with harmful household substances, like paints, detergents, glues, etc.
  • Using everyday objects and tools incorrectly. These objects include pens, pencils, forks, knives, work and garden tools, etc.
  • Car accidents.

As Prevent Blindness America states, parents should be aware of these common causes and work to prevent their children from experiencing them by removing these hazards and understanding the dangers that they can inflict.

Image courtesy of whitakerc1985 via Flickr