Most Beautiful Eyes Contest

Parents have been busy submitting their child’s photo to the most beautiful eyes contest! The contest was created by Prevent Blindness America to build awareness about the importance of eye care in overall children’s health and well being. A child can not achieve their best academically or socially without healthy eyes. Many of us take vision for granted, but the bottom line is that we need to take steps every day to keep our eyes safe and healthy.

Prevent Blindness America’s Facebook page is chock full of adorable photos of children with truly beautiful eyes! It will be fun to see who wins the contest.


Will it be a cute little baby?

prevent blindness america most beautiful eyes contest baby

Or a beautiful teen?


prevent blindess america most beautiful eyes contest teen


The contest is full of beautiful children with wonderful healthy eyes! Check out the Prevent Blindness America’s Facebook Page to view the entries and enter your child. You never know – those eyes you love might just win your child a $10,000 scholarship.

Real Kids Shades is once again a sponsor of Prevent Blindness America’s Most Beautiful Eyes Contest. We are proud of our strong association with this incredible organization dedicated to eye health and safety. Click here if you would like to support PBA and their educational efforts.