Mini Models: Kids Winter Fashion Trends

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Winter is here and it is time to give your kid a wardrobe makeover! Let’s not make winter fashion boring for our kids this year. You have so many fun styles and colors to choose from and we are here to help you select the best. Here is the lowdown on this year’s winter fashion trends for kids.


Designers are promoting a lot of plaids, faux fur, pleats, faux leather, and bright glittery pieces. This may not sound new, but there are fresh prints, textures, and combination patterns being used by several kids wear brands.


As far as the color palette for winter kids fashion is concerned, it is all about brightening it up! Fashion experts suggest distinct, warm colors for both boys and girls. Little girls must have all shades of bright pink, fuchsia and purple, sun-burnt orange as well as icy peach in their winter wardrobe. On the other hand, boys can also opt for deep greens and other earthy tones along when dressing up for winter.


Typically, floral fashion is associated with summer and spring fashion. Lately, however, designers have started to make floral printed clothing for the cold winter season too! This makes sense because in several countries globally, winter is warmer. So it is a great idea to stay colorful in floral winter clothing. You could pick a cute flowery winter coat for your little girl and pair it up with stockings. There are even some floral patterns mixing in colors like blue, gray, and white that are made for boys. 

Oversized Knits

Oversized knits are also trending big time in winter kids fashion this year. This means bigger cardigans and sweaters for your little one! Your little girl could adorn an oversized sweater as a dress by strapping a belt across the waistline. 

Make your kids’ winter more fun by indulging in these winter fashion trends!

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