National Save Your Vision Month: A Focus on Eye Health

March is National Save Your Vision Month

Source: Pixabay

Good eyesight is extremely useful for many daily activities — and even more so for kids, whose vision plays a role in everything from learning at school to taking part in sports. With March being National Save Your Vision Month, we would like to share with you some healthy eye and care habits for kids.

1. Be Aware of Signs of Low Vision

Children who struggle to recognize faces, have difficulty reading or identifying letter or shapes, or fail to see stairs and low walls may have low vision, meaning that their sight is 20/70 or less, but they are not legally blind. Regular comprehensive eye exams will help to diagnose the condition early, after which your child can begin treatment or receive equipment to help with learning and other daily tasks.

2. Prevent Computer Eye Strain

Spending too much time in front of a screen, especially when maintaining a high degree of focus, can lead to computer eye strain, which results in symptoms including headaches, blurred vision, and fatigue. Children are particularly susceptible due to their less-developed eyes.

There are a few ways you can avoid computer eye strain:

  • Limit the amount of time you allow your kids to spend on devices.
  • Set up your kids’ workspace so that the computer screen is at a comfortable angle and there is plenty of light.
  • Encourage your kids to partake in activities that involve movement to help them develop better visual skills.

3. Stay Alert for Symptoms of Color Blindness

It is important to know if your child is color blind, as the condition could otherwise be misdiagnosed as a learning disability. Pay attention to lack of interest in coloring tasks, difficulty learning colors, and complaints of headaches when looking at certain contrasts.

4. Avoid Touching Eyes

Teach your kids to always wash their hands when they come indoors and to never touch their eyes to avoid spreading bacteria that could lead to infections.

Another way to save your kids’ vision is to ensure that they always wear protective sunglasses. You can find a range of styles in the Real Kids collection.