Make Your Child Love Getting Glasses

Kids and SunglassesWe understand. Nobody truly WANTS to get glasses – especially kids. Unfortunately, there is still a stigma for children when they need glasses, which can cause some anxiety when the infamous “glasses day” rolls around. Although your child may initially fight you on needing glasses, there are some awesome ways you can help him or her overcome the “glasses tantrum” and get your son or daughter excited about wearing them!

Make Glasses Cool

Yes, that’s right! You can make glasses cool for your children. It’s this simple: show them examples of their idols who wear glasses. For your child, maybe it’s a singer, actor, athlete or even a cartoon character. Overcoming their anxiety may be tough, so boosting their self-esteem and showing them people who they look up to who wear glasses can go a long way.

Let Them Pick

Show your child that choosing the color and style of their glasses can be fun! If they are wearing glasses every day, you want them to feel confident and proud of how they look. Of course, you may have to help out a little bit, but giving your child the final say will making getting glasses much easier.

Tell Them the Benefits

It can be challenging to understand “why” you need to get glasses when you are a child. Take the time to explain all the benefits of improving their vision. They will be pretty excited to learn how much better they will be able to read or how it will be easier to participate in sports when they can see to the best of their ability!

Buy Them a Pair of Shades

To help your child get used to wearing glasses, buy them a cool pair of sunglasses to wear around the house or in the car. With so many styles and colors to choose from, choosing a pair of sunglasses will help get your child excited about the glasses they will soon get to pick out.

Of course, you want to help your child select a pair of sunglasses that are safe and effective. Let them browse on Real Kids Shades’ website for affordable shades that will block 100 percent of the sun’s harmful UV rays.

With these tips in mind, your son or daughter will be able to enjoy picking out and wearing their glasses, making it a much more fun and easy process for parent and child alike! Check out the great selection of glasses for Kids, Youth and Young Adults online now, or call us today at 800-283-1106 to learn more.