Made with Kids in Mind: Flex-Fit™ Sunglasses

All parents know just how rough kids can be with their toys and clothes, and this can turn into a real concern when it comes to purchasing new clothes and accessories. However, with Real Kids’s new and improved children’s sunglasses, there’s no need to worry about how long your kids’ shades will last. Our Flex-Fit™ technology makes our frames virtually unbreakable.

kids sunglasses

Bolt – Kid – 4+

What Are Flex-Fit™ Shades?

Our Flex-Fit™ technology allows shades to bend, twist and turn in any direction, after which they’ll bounce right back into shape. This is because our Flex-Fit™ frames are made from thermoplastic polyester elastomer (TPEE), a polymer that can stretch to twice its length or more at room temperature and then return to its original shape once stress is released, much like traditional rubber. However, unlike rubber, TPEEs are recyclable, colorable by most dyes and consume less energy to create.

Some other characteristics of TPEEs include:

  • — Tear and abrasion resistance
  • — High impact strength
  • — Resistance to chemicals and extreme weather conditions
  • — Resistance to high and low temperatures
  • — Impact resistance

Our Flex-Fit™ shades are strong, durable and more scratch resistant than the plastics you typically find in a lot of sunglasses. These shades are also shatterproof, making them a safer option for active kids that participate in sports where there’s a danger of impact with fast moving objects.

toddler sunglasses

Explorer – Toddler – 2+ – P2 Polarized Lens

What Shades Can You Buy with Flex-Fit™ Technology?

Flex-Fit™ frames are featured in the following Real Kids’ sunglasses:

  • — Explorer for Baby (0+) and Toddler (2+)
  • — Explorer Polarized for Toddler
  • — Surf for Toddler
  • — Sky for Toddler
  • — Bolt for Kid (4+) and Youth (7+)
  • — Bolt Polarized for Kid and Youth
  • — Breeze for Kid and Youth
  • — Breeze Polarized for Kid and Youth
  • — Surf for Kid and Youth
  • — Sky for Kid and Youth

You can find all the above children’s sunglasses on our online store or through a retailer near you. Make sure your kids are safe with a pair of our Flex-Fit™ shades today!