Light Eyes and Light Sensitivity

We’re exposed to UV light on a daily basis. Now while it may be what gives us those great tans in the summer, it can also be very damaging to our skin and our eyes, especially those whose eyes are lighter colors.

Photophobia and Light-Colored EyesLight Eyes and Light Sensitivity

Photophobia isn’t an actual phobia. In reality, photophobia is just another name for light sensitivity. According to recent research, people who suffer from photophobia often have lighter colored eyes. Why? Because light colored eyes have less pigmentation than darker colored eyes, meaning they’re less able to effectively block out harsh light.

Signs of Light Sensitivity

While light-colored eyes are more prone to light sensitivity, that doesn’t mean people with darker colored eyes are immune. Not sure if you suffer from photophobia? Here are the common signs to look out for:

  • Difficulty focusing when outside or around indoor lights
  • Squinting in bright light
  • Pain behind or around the eyes
  • Frequent headaches
  • Rubbing your eyes in bright light

What to do about light sensitivity

If you find you’re sensitive to light, then it’s a good idea to try and limit your exposure to harsh light. This could come in the form of either sunlight, or indoor fluorescent lights (even lights from computer screens can trigger your photophobia). You can do this by dimming bright or harsh lights inside, or by wearing sunglasses while outside.

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