It’s Baby Safety Month

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In addition to being Sports Eye Injury Prevention Awareness Month, September is also Baby Safety Month. Sponsored by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA), Baby Safety Month is designated as a time for educating parents of young children, as well as caregivers, on all things related to keeping little ones safe in and around the home.


To observe the occasion, we have put together some ideas on how you can keep your young children safe and promote your kids’ health.

  • Make sure car seats are properly installed by referring to the installation manual, Family Corner advises. Whenever possible, the seat should be in the center back seat and must never be in the front passenger side in a vehicle with an airbag. Additionally, be sure to check out the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s guidelines to help determine which type of car seat you should be using.
  • Digital Journal reminds us to keep medicines out of reach of children in a medicine chest or safe. When you are discarding old pills, throw them away safely, such as by flushing them down the toilet, rather than leaving them in the trash where kids could find them. And never call medication “candy,” as young children will not understand the difference.
  • Never leave a baby alone in the tub, even for the couple seconds it takes to run for the phone or deal with some other errand. Additionally, make sure the water temperature is no higher than 120 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Women’s Health recommends securing furniture and electronics like TVs so that children can’t pull them down on top of themselves.
  • Baby-proof the stairs with secure, wall-mounted gates at the top and pressure-mounted gates at the bottom of every flight.


In addition to making your home safer for your baby, also consider what you can do to keep them safe and healthy in other ways. For example, while you are almost certainly familiar with the importance of sun safety for your baby’s skin, don’t forget that you also need to protect your baby’s eyes from too much UV exposure to prevent vision problems. Sunglasses from Real Kids Shades are designed just for babies and protect the eyes and skin close to the eyes from sunlight at every angle.


Share which baby safety tips you have found to be the most helpful for your kids’ health in the comment section below.


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