Is it Time for Contacts?

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Child inserting contact lensesYour little one may not be so little anymore, and they may be outgrowing their glasses. Often time right before children reach the middle aged years they want to begin trying contact lenses. Although wearing and cleaning contacts are a major responsibility, they may help your child. Research shows that kids who wear contact lenses feel better about their overall appearance and performance when playing sports. If your doctor gives your child the ok to begin wearing contacts consider these questions before making your final decision:

Does he or she really want them?
If your child is unhappy with their glasses they may be more alert when dealing with contacts and show more dedication when caring for them.

Are they good about keeping clean?
If your child is good about washing their hands, brushing their teeth, and keeping their room clean, they will take just as much care when cleaning contacts.

Are they responsible?
If your child completes homework on time and always lets you know where they are after school, they probably show an high enough level of responsibility to wear contacts. Your child must be responsible and mature enough to put in, remove and clean contacts on a daily basis.

Questions adapted from Parenting.

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