How to Teach Your Child Good Eye Habits at Home

As the creators of quality children’s sunglasses we often stress the point of how to protect your children’s eyes outdoors; however we are just as passionate about the overall eye health of children. Because the majority of eye problems that can be avoided begin during childhood, it’s important to practice other good habits in addition to always wearing sunglasses outdoors. Today we are going to share how you can teach your child good eye habits at home.

When reading make sure…

  • the distance between the eyes and the book is approximately 30 cm.
  • the room has adequate lighting
  • your child is sitting comfortably upright.
  • the print is large enough.

When on the computer make sure…

  • the room is well lit.
  • the computer screen is about 50 cm from the eyes.
  • the screen is adjusted to reduce glare from other light sources.

When watching TV/playing video games be sure that…

  • the larger the TV screen, the further away your child should be.
  • the TV is at eye level or just below.
  • the room should be well lit.
  • the total amount of time in front of the TV is limited.