How to Support Sports Safety In Your Own Community

After an accident occurs during a child’s sporting event, we often ask ourselves what went wrong and how the accident could have been prevented. Though some accidents are impossible to prepare for, most sports incidents can be avoided simply by preparing for them in advance.

Among some of the scariest potential sports accidents, eye injuries are often the easiest to prevent. They are a cause that the entire community can rally around. Not sure about how you can get involved? Just take a look at these suggestions from Prevent Blindness America.

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  • For parents, the role of children’s safety is a huge one. Before a child becomes involved with any sports activities, meet with an eye doctor for suggestions on protective eyewear for kids. Then, only enroll children in organized sporting events that include adult supervision and someone trained in eye care.
  • Teachers and nurses should familiarize themselves with the warning signs of eye injury and the risks involved with high contact sports.
  • Coaches and trainers should be well versed in how to prevent, recognize and immediately care for eye injuries.

The risks of eye injury involved with kids sports is a serious matter. But when you take the time to plan ahead and reduce risks, sports are a great way for kids to have fun and learn important life lessons.

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