How to Make Cross Country Skiing Fun for the Entire Family

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family cross country skiing
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If the thought of spending big money for a day of fun on the slopes with your family seems daunting, consider giving cross country skiing a try. Cross country skiing has been steadily gaining popularity among children who are discovering the joy of embracing winter and heading outside. As long as you have a solid base of snow you can cross country ski in open space, nature trails, or even the local golf course – no lift ticket required!


If you want to begin cross country skiing with your kids, taking a few minutes to plan the outing goes a long way to increase enjoyment. Here are our Dos and Don’ts for making cross country  skiing  fun for kids and parents alike!


Don’t over reach – The biggest mistake parents make is being too ambitious about the amount of  time spent skiing. Start with quick trips around the yard and work your way up to longer outings. Even a short, 45-minute ski gets everyone outside and moving.


Don’t go it alone – Make cross county skiing social and invite some friends along.  Your children will focus on the fun if they have other kids along for the ski. This will free you up to enjoy the scenery instead of negotiating on how much further you are going!


Do keep everyone fueled – Don’t forget to bring along plenty of water and food to keep everyone going. The reward of a hot cup of cocoa and a healthy snack can keep kids moving along without complaint.


Do play games – Cross country skiing can be more than just going straight ahead. Fun games take advantage of kid’s natural competitive streak. Some fun games  can add a bit of interest to your trip and reinvigorate kids.


Do dress appropriately – Nothing will ruin a cross country ski trip  more than being cold. Make sure your children have the proper clothing for the weather conditions. Also make sure you have protective sunglasses with 100% UV protection to keep your children’s eyes safe from sun and wind damage.


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