How to Keep Your Eyes Healthy This Fall

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Fall is almost upon us, but that doesn’t mean you should start letting up on your eyecare routine. While the summer months are certainly the worst when it comes to eye health (UV rays and seasonal allergies galore!) there are certainly plenty of things to watch out for in fall as well.

Beware of fall allergiesHow to Keep Your Eyes Healthy This Fall

Fall, like spring and summer, has its own set of pollen, dust, and dander that could trigger your allergies. Ragweed is the biggest allergy trigger in fall, followed by mold and dust. In order to protect your eyes, make sure you’re regularly taking your allergy medicine and taking eyedrops when needed.

Protect your eyes when raking leaves

Raking or blowing leaves can cause pieces of debris to fall into your eyes, potentially leading to eye infections such as fungal keratitis. So, make sure you’re wearing protective glasses while you’re out there clearing your lawn of dead leaves.

Avoid dry eyes with eyedrops

While some of us may love that brisk, fall weather, we certainly don’t love the dryness that comes with it. The dry, cold air that accompanies fall can cause dry eyes, so be sure to have eyedrops on hand and try to avoid overly-warm rooms that could dry out your eyes even further.

Keep wearing your sunglasses

Just because it isn’t summer anymore doesn’t mean you don’t have to worry about the sun’s UV rays. While UV rays are stronger during the spring and summer months, they’re still dangerous to your eyes during fall and winter as well. That’s why, rain or shine, summer or fall, you should always keep a pair of sunglasses on you whenever you step outside.

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