How to Help Develop your Preschooler’s Vision

Are you currently working with your preschooler on learning their shapes, numbers and letters? As you take time to help your preschooler prepare for Kindergarten it’s also important to help develop their vision. As a parent there are things can you can do at home to help your child’s vision develop properly through toys, games and other playful activities.

The American Optometric Association recommends these activities for helping develop your preschooler’s vision:

  • Practice throwing and catching a ball or bean bag
  • Read aloud to your child and let him or her see what is being read
  • Provide a chalkboard or finger paints
  • Encourage play activities requiring hand-eye coordination such as block building and assembling puzzles
  • Play simple memory games
  • Provide opportunities to color, cut and paste
  • Make time for outdoor play including ball games, bike/tricycle riding, swinging and rolling activities
  • Encourage interaction with other children.

Remember to schedule vision exams at ages 3 and 5 to detect and treat any problems before your child begins school.