How to Have Fun in the Shade

It’s always a good idea for parents and children to take a break from the sun every now and then, especially at the height of summer when temperatures are at the hottest and the sun is at its brightest.


To commemorate Stay Out of the Sun Day on July 3, we’ve compiled a list of ways you can have fun in the shade.


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Source: Nature Moms

Play on the Porch

Most people walk through their porch every day, giving it little more than a second glance. However, a medium- to large-sized porch is the perfect place to spend time as a family and enjoy the summer while lowering the risk of UV exposure to your eyes and skin. Consider setting up a classic game on the porch with your family, such as checkers, chess, cards, or a board game, recommends Ezine Articles.


Hang Out on a Hammock

There are plenty of activities to do on a hammock large enough for you and your children to curl up together. Just make sure you place the hammock where it’s shielded from the sun by tree branches. Here are just some activities you can enjoy on a hammock away from the sun’s rays:


  • Read. Take some of your children’s favorite books outside for a relaxing afternoon together.
  • Enjoy an afternoon nap. A hammock is one of the most comfortable places to sleep outdoors, as it relieves the pressure on your back and joints and helps your body align correctly. Even children who no longer take naps in the afternoon will quickly fall asleep due to the soothing sway, says the Roatan Reporter.
  • Watch the birds. Set up a birdhouse, feeder, or a bath in view of your hammock and spend some quiet hours observing native birds that visit your yard.
  • Star gaze. There are few better ways to wind down than lying in a hammock as day turns to night. Plus, you can engage your kids by identifying the constellations.


Remember, it’s important to keep your children’s eyes protected when they’re outside under the sun. Check out Real Kids’ collection of stylish kids’ sunglasses to enjoy the sun safely this summer.