How to Get Triple-Protection from the Winter Sun

Remembering to keep your family protected from the sun during the summer months is often pretty easy. But during the winter, it can be a little harder to remember the importance of sun protection since the weather is cooler and we spend less time outside. But this doesn’t mean we should ease up on our efforts. In fact, during the cold winter months, sun protection should become an even higher priority.

Winter Fun for Kids

Kids love to take advantage of the lower temperatures, but make sure they do so with the proper sun protection!


To protect children from the dangers of sun exposure during the winter, at Real Kids Shades we recommend taking a three-step approach to sun protection. Before your kids head out to play with friends or catch the bus for school, make sure they are equipped with these three necessities.


  1. Sunblock: Though we always keep it in hand during the summer, sunscreen should become a part of every child’s daily routine throughout the year.
  2. Sunglasses:  We can’t forget the importance of quality sunglasses for kids once warmer months have passed! Young eyes shouldn’t be exposed to direct sunlight and our sunglasses ensure that they stay protected.
  3. A Hat: Not only is a hat an adorable accessory for the little ones, it’s also a great way to shield their heads and eyes from overexposure to the sun.


To keep your kids protected this winter, start with sun protection. At Real Kids Shades, this effort is a passion of ours and we are thrilled to bring you our custom eyewear for children! Head over to the Real Kids Shades page on Facebook to see what else we have been up to!


Image via Tina Phillips