How Eyewear Aids In Kids Sports Risks

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Today, eye injuries have been noted as a leading cause of serious visual impairment among children. These eye injuries could include cornea abrasions, eyelid bruises, internal bleeding, retinal detachments, etc. The sad news is that some young children, while playing various sports, end up with a permanent loss of vision.

There are several sports that pose a threat of injury to the eyes. However, kids who actively play sports like hockey, baseball, fencing, soccer, downhill skiing, paintball etc., it is possible to avail of appropriate eyewear protection.

You can reduce or eliminate eye damage risk for your kids by using protective eyewear. Besides protection, it also enhances the performance of the player. Several clubs today don’t permit members to play sports without the use of proper sports eyewear. This is especially true for young players.

Types of sports risks

Sports like tennis, badminton and racquetball might appear quite harmless, but did you know that these sports involve the movement of objects at the speed of 60 miles an hour or sometimes even faster? In fact, the racquetball could move between 60 to 200 miles an hour during a regular game. Even the racquets as such move at a very high speed within a restricted space. So there is a possibility of them making contact with each other. This is another possible danger to the player. 

Flying objects are just one kind of safety threat to kids’ eyes when they are playing sports. Several eye injuries could also result from jabs and pokes by elbows and fingers, especially in those games where there is frequent close contact between the players. For instance, basketball is a sport that reports a high eye injury rate.

If your kids love playing sports, it is vital to ensure that you reduce the risks of eye injury by investing in good quality eyewear.


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