Hot Fall Fashion Trends for Kids

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Fall weather is moving in and it is time to clean out the closets, exchanging shorts and tank tops for sweaters, jeans, and boots. As you are doing so, pay attention to your kids’ clothes, too. It seems our kids are constantly outgrowing their clothes and needing new things, or maybe your kids have some money of their own they would like to spend on new clothes. Whatever the case may be, it’s a great opportunity to update your children’s wardrobes and spend some quality time together.


Kids like to copy their parents and older siblings in everything, clothing included, and the top trends for children’s fashion this season mimic some of the latest styles for adults. Look out for pieces like those listed by Kiddy Trend, while you are shopping with your kids this fall:


Fake Fur
Featured on hats, coats, collars, muffs, berets, and through trim on shoes and bags, fake fur is the perfect way to keep both girls and boys warm as the weather turns cold.

kids fashion and sunglasses
Source: Kiddy Trend

Although free knit is the top trend of this season, rhombs, stripes and cones are also popular. Look out for knitted jumpers, cardigans, and sweaters for your kids.

fall fashion and sunglasses for kids
Source: Kiddy Trend

While jeans are always a favorite, denim clothing is constantly jumping in and out of style. This season, denim is making a comeback in pinafores and jumpsuits with skinny legs, while jeans will be featuring embellishments including lace, fringe, crystals, studs, rips, and more.

fall fashion for kids
Source: Kiddy Trend

And of course, no outfit is complete without a stylish and protective pair of sunglasses! At Real Kids Shades, we have several classic styles of classic children’s sunglasses that look great with any fashion trends. For girls, one of our favorites is Fabulous, which features stylishly oversized lens that are perfect for blocking UV rays at any time of the year, as well as protecting the skin around the eyes.

kids sunglasses
Real Kids Shades – Fabulous

For boys, we like Blade. With shatterproof, impact resistant lenses, these sunglasses offer protection for all outdoor activities, while the open edge design creates a cool, heroic look that any boy will love.

kids sunglasses
Real Kids Shades – Blade

To make updating your kids’ wardrobes even sweeter this fall, we have extended our promo code RKSBACK2SCHOOL to let you save 20% on your next order of Real Kids Shades children’s sunglasses! The code is good through October 31st on all orders purchased online.

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