Home Safety Tips

June is both National Safety Month and Home Safety Month, and this year’s theme is “Safety: It Takes All of Us.” The focus of this month is to reduce risks at home by noticing hazards and removing or controlling them before they can cause harm, explains the National Safety Council.

With this in mind, there’s no better time to share some ways to make sure your kids’ health and safety is a top priority at home.


Source: hbbabies.com via Pinterest

Kids’ Health and Safety Tips

In the Kitchen

  • Keep sharp utensils, such as knives, forks and scissors, secured in a drawer with a child proof latch, along with matches and lighters.
  • Install a dishwasher lock so that children can’t open the machine while it’s running or remove sharp objects, recommends Kids Health.
  • Store cleaning supplies, bug sprays, detergents, alcohol and medicines out of the reach of children.
  • Unplug appliances whenever they’re not in use, tuck cords away and place safety plugs in electrical outlets.

Preventing Eye Injuries

  • Store anything that presents a potential risk to eyes in a place that young children can’t access. Such objects include chemicals, sprays, paperclips, pencils, scissors, bungee cords, wire hangers and rubber bands, warns Eye Smart.
  • Only let children play with toys appropriate for their age and avoid projectile toys (like darts, bows and arrows and toys that fire missiles), non-powder riffles, pellet guns and BB guns. Look for toys with an ASTM seal, which means they meet the national safety standards specified by the American Society for Testing and Materials.
  • Pad the sharp corners of cabinets, dressers and tables.
  • Never allow children near fireworks, particularly bottle rockets, which have already been banned in several states due to the danger they pose to eyes.

Outdoor Safety

  • Lock away paints, pesticides, fertilizers and other potentially dangerous substances, advises Prevent Blindness National.
  • Don a pair of safety glasses or chemical goggles whenever you’re working with tools, fertilizers, or pesticides and ensure children remain indoors.

You can also keep children safe outdoors by perusing Real Kids’ collection of stylish sunglasses for a pair that will protect your children’s eyes from UV exposure.