Here’s What Mommy Bloggers Have Recently Said About Real Kids Shades

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It’s summertime! The days are longer and kids are heading off to the beaches, zoos, and soccer fields.


As we settle into our summertime routines, we thought it would be a good time to check in and see what all those wonderful mommy bloggers are writing about our children’s sunglasses.


Our shades are getting rave reviews over at Mommy Lesson Plans, where mommy blogger Nancy’s three kids have each worn a pair.

“Each of my boys received a pair of RKS glasses from the Xtreme collection and they are so in love with them! They do not leave the house without them.”

sunglasses for kids
Source: Mommy Lesson Plans


Everything Mommyhood blogger Darci and her daughters took a look at our shades … and they love them, too!

“I loved ALL three of these pairs for my girls. My youngest is 19 months, and believe it or not, she keeps hers on.”

sunglasses for babies and kids
Source: Everything Mommyhood


Susan, the mommy blogger behind the Supermom’s Review blog, liked our children’s sunglasses for their comfort, style, and shatter-proofness. But more importantly, Susan helped spread the word about how important it is to protect tiny eyes from the sun’s rays.

“…as parent’s we work hard at making sure our children are using sunscreen but we forget how important protecting their eyes really is.”

sunglasses for boys
Source: Supermom’s Reviews


Crystal at Kid Things heard about us during a webinar on the importance of blocking out UV rays. She requested some shades for her kids and, you guessed it, she loved them, too!

“I feel good trusting my kids’ eyes behind Real Kids Shades sunglasses ….”

children's sunglasses


And finally, we found the AlyGators blog, and this line pretty much summed up how mommy bloggers (and their kids) feel about Real Kids Shades:

“I woke up yesterday morning, came down stairs, and this is what I find. Mr. Maison has already put on his Real Kids Shades and is sitting in the living room playing his game.  I guess that means he likes them right?”

sunglasses for boys
Source: AlyGators


Right! We’re glad all the mommy bloggers out there love our shades for their kids – and we’re equally thrilled to hear how much their kids are enjoying wearing them, whether playing in the sun or indoors! Visit our website today to order a pair for your kids – We’re currently offering FREE shipping on orders over $25!

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