Healthy Vision is Important for Educational Success

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Creative excuses to get out of school work every now and then are one thing. But if a child is saying they don’t want to do school work because it’s uncomfortable, it’s time to take action. If you find your kid squinting or otherwise struggling with reading or avoiding it all together, this could be a sign that your child is experiencing a change in his or her vision. And if your child’s vision is not corrected, his or her performance in school could suffer as a result.


vision and learning problemsAs the Vision and Learning Forum notes, nearly everything your child learns in school depends on their vision. Unfortunately, there are many cases in which a child with a vision problem is considered to be “lazy” or is misdiagnosed with other learning disabilities. This is often because most children aren’t sure of what “normal vision” is, preventing them from speaking up when they are having trouble seeing.


Fortunately, there are a number of signs parents and teachers can look for that may indicate a child is developing a vision issue that is affecting their learning process. The signs include:


  • Skipping or repeating lines when reading
  • Difficulty copying from the board
  • Tilting the head or closing one eye when reading
  • Poor handwriting
  • Difficulty in keeping attention on reading


If your child exhibits any of these signs, or if they are performing poorly in their school work, it’s time to have their eyes examined. As we’ve mentioned before, routine eye exams are a key step in preventing vision problems from developing or worsening. Once a vision issue is diagnosed and corrected, your child will be equipped to perform their best.


For more information on keeping your children’s vision in good health, visit the Real Kids Shades website. We have lots of helpful information available, including information on how to protect your kids’ eyes from too much UV exposure.


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