Healthy Valentine’s Day Snack Ideas for Kids

Valentine’s Day is just a few days away and for most kids that means a party at school filled with sweets and exchanging cards with their classmates. Some kids may find the day’s celebrations a bit mushy or over the top, but they still love to get the treats that come with the holiday. Receiving these little gifts always make children feel special and loved.


With so many sugary sweets being a major part of Valentine’s Day, we suggest a planning a healthier way to make the day just as special for your kids. Just take a few ordinary recipes and add a little bit of a twist to make healthy treats full of Valentine’s Day love and fun!

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 Start off the day with kid-approved Valentine’s Day French Toast. The only difference between this recipe and regular French toast is cutting out a heart shape in the middle of the bread before toasting. Add some strawberries for some red coloring and garnish.

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Source: ZiggityZoom via Parenting

For your child’s lunch, try making little heart-shaped calzones. All you have to do is shape two pieces of dough into a heart and make a pocket filled with yummy mozzarella, marinara sauce, and turkey pepperoni. Adding some tomato hearts is another way to add some healthy vegetables to a meal with a fun Valentine’s Day twist.

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Mini love turtles are great for a sweet and healthy after school snack. Kids will love the pecans with a touch of caramel and chocolate topping. Add some heart sprinkles to make them more festive. Not only are they great to eat, they are also fun to make and allow your child some sweets in moderation.

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Another great snack you can make is whole wheat sugar cookies. These can be for after school or dessert. Using high fiber whole wheat instead of refined flour makes this recipe much healthier. Your kids will have a blast decorating the cookies with a cream cheese icing. This recipe can be used for any holiday – just switch out your Valentine’s Day-themed cookie cutters for another, depending on the holiday.


If you have a healthy snack that you like to make for your kids for Valentine’s Day, please share with us by posting in the comments section below. Also, be sure to follow our Real Kids Valentine’s Day Pinterest Board for additional snack ideas and more.


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