Halloween Eye Safety Tips

halloween face paintingNow that Halloween is only three days away we’re sure your little ones are getting more and more excited. And as a mom we know you want them to have a good time, in the safest way possible. We provided some overall Halloween Safety Tips earlier this week and we have even more! Today we are going to share a few Halloween eye safety tips. Keep these tips in mind as you get the last minute details for your child’s costume and embark on a fun-filled night of trick-or-treating.

  1. Don’t allow your child to wear decorative (non-perscription) contact lenses. Although it is unlawful to sell contact lenses in unlicensed outlets it still happens. Decorative lenses from unlicensed manufacturers could contain toxins leading to infections. Infections may also develop from improper handling and wearing.
  2. Only use makeup on the face and around the eyes approved by the FDA. If your child’s costume calls for face paint and makeup use those that are hypo-allergenic with printed approval by the FDA.  Use extreme caution when applying near or around the eyes.
  3. Avoid swords or other pointed costume accessories. Toy sword or knife accessories can cause injury if they strike the eye. If the accessory is necessary make sure you child keeps it stored in a belt carrier while trick or treating. Another option is to buy accessories made from soft, flexible materials.

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We hope you have a safe and happy Halloween from everyone at Real Kids Shades!

Tips adapted from Childrens Hospital LA, image from Reader’s Digest.