Great Savings on Infant Sunglasses and Hats

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Summer is hitting its stride and it can be hard to keep the sun out of our kids’ eyes and protect their delicate skin from harmful UV rays when it’s shining so brightly. It often seems kids can put up a fuss about having sunscreen slathered on from the start, not to mention how difficult it can be to keep a baby from pulling hats and sunglasses off of their heads. You may even wonder if it’s worth all that stress. Well, in a few words, yes! Infant sunglasses and sun hats are necessary baby gear!

sun hat and sunglasses for infant boys

Sunglasses and a hat are a great way to help protect your little ones most valuable assets, but you want a duo that can handle the day to day wear-and-tear from a child, and you also want to know that they work. The Real Kids Shades Sun Hat Combo Pack is the perfect set for your littlest ones.  The combo includes our wide brim hat that offers UPF 50 sun protection and a nice, large brim to shade the whole face and neck area.  Our sunglasses for infants have polycarbonate frames and lenses (shatterproof and impact resistant) and offer 100% protection from both UVA and UVB rays.  They wrap around the face to minimize light coming in and the soft band has adjustable closures.  This set is so comfortable there will no longer be a struggle to get your child to wear them!

 pink infant sun hat and sunglasses for girls

Our Sun Hat Combo Pack, which is specifically made for 0-24 months, comes in traditional blue and pink colors. Check out how adorable these sets are! It’s currently marked at a great price of just $19.99 – this special price, plus free shipping, means great savings are available, but only for a limited time.


You can see our whole range of sunglasses including more sunglasses for infants through to children age 12,  on our website. Protecting your child’s eye health and delicate skin is important and starting at an early age can set them up to follow these good habits in the future.


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