Great Outdoor Activities for After School Fun

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Parents with school-aged children often find it hard to keep their kids entertained until dinnertime. Once your little ones are done with their homework, you can entertain them with a few energy-driven activities. Not only will playing a couple creative outdoor game keep your children occupied while you’re preparing dinner, but it will also help them stay active and healthy. 

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Sheet Painting

Any messy art activity is ideal for outdoor play, but sheet painting is a particularly original idea from Care. If you have an old sheet, give it to your kids to paint on with non-toxic fabric paint. This can serve as the perfect canvas for a mural or flag.

Tower Knockdown

This game from Livestrong requires two or more kids. To start the game, each child should build a tower out of boxes, cans or cartons, and then draw a chalk circle large enough to stand inside around the tower. From within the circle, players should then throw foam balls at the other towers while trying to block their own tower from attack. The winner is the one with the tallest standing tower at the end of the game.

Creating Maps

Another fun activity for children is map drawing, which works best in a yard or at a playground. Each child should draw a map, including a path and directions, that can lead players from a starting point to a finish line. Playing this game is a great way to practice both drawing and writing skills.

Bean Race

The bean race game, recommended by The Children’s Initiative, is an ideal activity for a group of kids. Each child is assigned a number of dried beans and a straw. They must lift the beans by sucking through the straw and carrying them to an empty can a few yards away. Whichever team manages to transport the most beans within the specified time limit wins.

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