Great Ideas for a Family Game Night

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Even if it’s too cold and rainy to go outdoors and have fun, you can still enjoy quality time with your family by organizing your very own game night. The following games and activities are perfect for spending time together as a family during an evening in.


The Pleasantest Thing
 suggests to get the family moving with a game of charades. To play, you will need to split into two teams. Each team must choose a TV show, movie, song, or book among themselves, which you tell to one player on the other team, who must act out the word or phrase for their teammates to guess. Even small children can play when they are given prompts on how to act.


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Bingo is a fun game for all ages. Parenthood says it’s especially useful for helping little ones practice their numbers and letters.


Never Land Challenge Game
If you are looking for something new that is not based around a competition, Parents suggests considering a game like the Never Land Challenge Game. Each player draws a card to determine what action they must take and with which props. The aim of the game is collect more gold than Captain Hook.


Digital Games 
 recommends downloading a multi-player game to enjoy together if everyone has their own electronic gadgets. There are a huge number of options for iOS, Android, and laptop computers. Just be sure to play in moderation.


Creative Toys from the Past
Family Circle
 suggests to seek out some old classics, like LEGOs or Play-Doh. Even older children enjoy these toys, as they give you the perfect opportunity to bond with your kids while doing something creative.


Make Game Night Educational
Parenthood also recommends educational games that can help kids learn without them realizing it. Scrabble, for example, helps with spelling, vocabulary, and addition. Candy Land is great for teaching younger kids matching and counting skills, as well as taking turns, and Cranium allows your whole family to think creatively and improvise.


What are your favorite game night choices for spending time together as a family?


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  1. I love your idea to dig into your chest of old toys and play something like legos with your kids. My family is looking for activities to do this month because we will be spending a lot of time together. My son has a birthday this month as well so maybe we can do some sort of mystery adventure for him.

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