Going to the Eye Doctor with Nick Jr.

nick-jrDid you recently schedule your toddler’s annual eye exam and you’ve been trying to explain the trip to them? If you’ve noticed any apprehension from your little one you may want to help them relate with something they are familiar with. And what is the one thing almost every toddler is familiar with? The characters from the Nick Jr. cartoons. Nick Jr. has created a special section on their website dedicated specifically to Kids Health and Going to the Doctor. The Going to the Doctor page has a special category for none other than Going to the Eye Doctor. The category is full of printable games, activities, certificates, and stickers to help prepare your toddler for their first visit to the eye doctor.

Has your child already gone on their first visit to the eye doctor? If so, what things did you do to prepare them for their first visit and eye exam?

Image from Nick Jr.