Going Camping? Don’t Forget the Shades!

SunglassesCamping is the American family summer vacation pastime. Not only is camping affordable, it is fun for both kids and adults, too! When you find yourself packing for yourself and your children, it is only natural to forget a few things due to your hectic lifestyle. One thing you do not want to forget, though, is to pack up the sunglasses for the whole family.

Sunglasses are absolutely vital for camping – especially for children since they have a higher risk of permanent sun damage than adults. Since your children will be more exposed to the sun while you’re on your camping trip, sunglasses are all the more important since they act as sunscreen for their eyes and will help everyone enjoy spending time together outdoors safely. Depending on where you choose to camp, it is likely you will be hiking, relaxing at the beach, fishing and cooking hot dogs for a midday barbecue – all of which are easier with a pair of shades.

When shopping for sunglasses for your kids, it is important to find a pair with high-quality, shatterproof polarized lenses to help prevent glare and eye strain. Plus, sunglasses are vital to preventing damage to the eyes from harmful UV rays, which can cause a wide range of visual impairments and diseases later in your child’s life.

Real Kids Shades offers a variety of sunglasses for all ages, from babies to young adults. We offer several different lines that are perfect for active summertime activities like camping and swimming. Check out a pair of Adventure-themed sunglasses for your toddler (age 2+), child (age 4+) or youth (age 7+), or explore our other great outdoor collections, including Surf, Explorer and Waverunner.

Still not sure what pair of sunglasses will work best for your child? Not to worry! The friendly team at Real Kids Shades can help you pick out the perfect sunglasses for your camping trip or any other occasion. For help, call us at 800-283-1106 today or place your order online.