Global Handwashing Day

girl washing her handsNow that school is back in and the temperatures are changing your little ones will more than likely bring home the common cold. They may even experience bouts of diarrhea and other respiratory infections that strike children five and under. The simplest way to avoid those things and germs passed through hand-to-hand contact is by washing our hands with soap. To increase the knowledge on how powerful handwashing with soap is Health in Your Hands created Global Handwashing Day along with nine other national organizations which will be celebrated October 15.

Help your children stay healthy by making sure they are washing their hands correctly using these three tips:

  1. Be sure to wash hands in warm water.
  2. Use soap and lather up forĀ  20 seconds. Wash in between fingers under nails where germs like to hid. Also wash wrists.
  3. Rinse and dry well with a clean paper towel.

Celebrate Global Handwashing Day with your child this Friday by teaching them the importance of proper handwashing and by playing Get Bubbly.

Image from Clorox.