Getting Ready for Spring Sports

Spring brings longer days and warmer weather. Your family’s schedule may also start filling up with sports practices and games. It’s a fun, but hectic, time of the year as kids finally get a chance to stretch their legs after months of cold weather. Whether your family’s chosen sport is basketball, swimming, track, cheerleading, soccer, or maybe all of these or more, there are some general tips for getting ready for the season that apply across the board.


As a parent with a child on a sports team, you’ll likely have at least some responsibility for providing snacks during the upcoming season. Store these quick and healthy snack ideas now and then come back to them as needed.


1. Balls of Energy – These tasty snacks are quick to make and to eat. Made from peanut butter, banana, wheat germ, and nuts, they pack a big punch in a small bite.

balls of energy

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2. Sandwich on a Stick  – This snack will please even the pickiest eaters. They can pick and choose which parts they eat, and since it’s all healthy you don’t have to worry about what they choose!

sandwich on a stick

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3. Snow Cones – Made from yogurt and whole fruit, this snack is a healthy sweet indulgence on a hot day. You’ll have to bring a cooler along, but we think it would be worth it.

fruit snow cones

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Check out even more healthy snack ideas to get prepared.


If your child is on more than one team and/or you have multiple kids involved in multiple sports, you know organization is key to not losing your head. Check out our quick tips for keeping it all together. We recommend a separate, prepacked bag for each team.

Football Training

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The last, but most important, step is to make sure you have all the safety gear your child needs. Regardless of whether they’re participating in a contact sport, skin and eye safety is a concern for any outdoor activity. Make sure to choose a sunscreen with a minimum of SPF 15. Go for SPF 30 for children with fair skin, and make sure to reapply every two hours regardless of skin tone.


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Protective eye wear is also essential. Make sure to choose eye wear that offers 100% UVA/UVB protection and can stand up to the level of activity your child will be participating in. We have some handy tips on picking the right eye wear for young athletes.

xtreme sport

Xtreme Sport Shades from Real Kids Shades


Learn more about the dangers posed by sun exposure and what parents can do to keep their children safe while on the field.