Getting in the Habit of Wearing Sunglasses Starts in Youth

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SunglassesHumans are creatures of habit. When you start developing habits when you are very young, like the way you learn to tie your shoes or which side of your mouth you brush first, those habits stay with you well into adulthood. Sun protection is no exception.

If you started wearing sunglasses when you were young, chances are that you wear them regularly as an adult. So, when it comes to your kids’ eyes and the potentially harmful rays of the sun, make sure they get used to wearing sunglasses when they are young so that they continue the healthy habit throughout their lives.

Why not start them out when they’re babies? You may think that there’s no reason for a baby to wear sunglasses—in fact, a baby might be fussier if he has something on his face all day! But, once he or she gets used to wearing sunglasses, your child won’t notice them anymore. And, if you stay consistent, he or she will start to want to wear them. That helps build a foundational habit that will stay with your son or daughter through childhood, into adolescence and on throughout the rest of their life. Once your child reaches adulthood, wearing sunglasses will be second nature, and they’re sure to have healthy eyes with no sun damage in sight!

Not only will fostering a good habit like wearing sunglasses keep your baby’s eyes safe, but children younger than the age of 10 are at high risk for damage to the eyes and skin caused by the sun’s harmful rays, reports The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. A baby’s skin is more sensitive and delicate than adult skin – especially their eyelids – so make sure your baby’s eyes are protected with sunglasses.

At Real Kids Shades, we have a full line of sunglasses dedicated to babies and children younger than 2. We make sure that our shatterproof and break-proof sunglasses are safe and comfy for your baby to wear. Plus, with 100 percent UVA and UVB protection, there will be no harmful rays shining into your baby’s eyes when he or she is wearing these specs. With convenient adjustable straps to ensure that the glasses won’t slip off your baby’s tiny nose, these are the perfect first pair of sunglasses.

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