Get Outside This Fall: Best Kids Fall Sports

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Does your child want to get into sports but isn’t sure where to begin? Sports are a really great activity for kids to involve themselves in for various reasons. They allow kids to make friends, grow accustomed to competition, develop teamwork principles, and get a good amount of physical activity. Taking into consideration that kids come in all shapes and sizes, sometimes careful deliberation of what each sport entails goes a long way. Whether you’re planning for next year or this Fall, here are some common Fall sports and what they entail.


Football offers 10 different positions between the offensive and defensive lineups. These positions vary in requirements from speed, hand-eye coordination, strength, and agility. It’s a great sport for your child to try out for and find out where their strengths lie.


There’s a lot of running involved in soccer. On average, professional soccer players run about 8 miles each game. While this is significantly less for kids’ leagues, there’s still a certain level of durability and speed that will be asked of them.

Cross Country

Agility and endurance are big factors when it comes to cross country. Dieting, hydration, patience and focus are also deeply rooted in the sport.


Golf is a highly skilled sport that tests an array of different areas. For example, hand-eye coordination for determining shot direction, strength to hit the shots, and timing which ties the two together. Physical qualities like height and speed are not requirements for golf.


This sport demands physical skills in more areas than one may think. Hand-eye coordination, speed, flexibility, and strength to hit the ball with concentrated speed are just some of the ways tennis challenges its players.


Cheerleading is a sport, as its challenges come from a different angle. Cheerleaders must have a good memory, coordination, enthusiasm, balance, and sometimes even gymnast abilities.

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